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Under normal light conditions, the images appear very bright, so that in particularly bright areas you often cannot see any details anymore. Here the iPhone XS Max , for example, chooses a better exposure. On the other hand, we really like the image sharpness of the main camera in the Galaxy A80, which reproduces many details. However, with high contrasts such as an overcast sky with the sunlight shining through, the Galaxy A80 has a hard time with image sharpness. In low-light conditions, the Galaxy A80 automatically decides for a good reproduction of the light source, but then loses brightness in the background.

Overall, the low-light performance of the Galaxy A80 is mediocre. The second lens in the back is a wide angle lens. A smooth change between the two lenses, meaning an optical zoom, is not possible, and you have to use either one or the other lens. Similarly, there is no optical image stabilizer either.

Videos can be recorded in UHD, but there is also only a digital zoom and you have to choose the lens you want to use beforehand. The exposure reacts quickly and almost without any steps to changing light conditions. Overall, you can record good videos with the Galaxy A If you swipe your finger upwards in the Photo app or press the button to switch to the front camera, the camera module moves upwards and then turns around.

There are three fixed zoom levels and you can suddenly not use the integrated flash anymore. We can only speculate why: Either it is configured to be too strong for selfies since it is usually used for objects that are further away, or the screen that lights up instead will simply lead to a better result. In this way, you can use the high-quality main lenses also for selfies, so of course you might ask about the quality of the results. It is not surprising that they have a similar quality as the images taken from the back. As selfies are high resolution and rich in detail, the elaborate construction is definitely worth it.

Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. Our lab tests show a sharp reproduction of the test chart, but color areas appear slightly unclean. Towards the edges, the sharpness also decreases considerably. Colors are generally reproduced slightly too bright. A wired headset is also included. The giant screen is a challenge even for large hands, and you often have to stretch your thumbs quite far to reach the farthest corners.

However, the screen offers a good, smooth surface and can be operated very accurately.

Top 5 Samsung Galaxy A80 Cases and Covers

The hardware buttons on the left and right sides of the case control the volume and standby. They can be felt easily and have a clear pressure point but appear only of an average quality. The fingerprint sensor is under the display. In the past we had mixed experiences of this design choice. While this worked well in some devices, in others the sensor was still not accurate enough.

Unfortunately, we often had to struggle in the Galaxy A80 with the recognition process taking too long and not being as accurate as a fingerprint sensor built into the case.

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Other manufacturers such as Sony have also demonstrated for a long time that the sensor can easily be hidden in the standby button, if it would otherwise mar the design. While the Samsung Galaxy A80 has a ToF camera that can read depth information, Samsung has not integrated face recognition as an unlocking method into its smartphone. The resolution corresponds to the class standard and represents a stretched Full HD format. This is at the class level but only at the bottom edge. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. The Samsung display brings the vibrant color reproduction that is also typical for the manufacturer.

It can be modified via two display modes: Vivid and Natural. You can also adjust the white balance manually. The grayscales and color reproduction are basically quite accurate and without a colored tint. Only green color tones are reproduced slightly too saturated. So those who are sensitive should try the display before buying the smartphone.

The response times are less than 10 milliseconds, which makes the display also suitable for fast games. During cloudy days, using the smartphone outdoors poses no problem, particularly if the brightness sensor is activated. Only when the surrounding light is very bright will there be some problems.

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We detect a slight colored tint in our pictures of the viewing angles when looking from the sides, but the image always remains easily recognizable. It brings a total of eight cores, two of which run at 2. However, in practice you only notice the difference in very demanding applications or when several apps are running at the same time. Otherwise the Galaxy smartphone is very fast and operates smoothly.

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While surfing the Internet, the Galaxy A80 is significantly faster than its predecessor, but it is also noticeably slower than all of the other comparison devices. However, we are talking about a base level that is very high here. Yet, when loading websites we still notice a minimal delay that often is not there in even more expensive smartphones.

While the UFS 2. Our test unit also shows a small disadvantage in the read speed compared to the other models with UFS 2. While it is perhaps not quite as future proof as high-end smartphones with faster SoCs, there should be sufficient power for most games over the next few years. As already with the Galaxy A9 , Samsung also manages this time to keep the temperature development within limits.

While at a maximum of During idle operation, the warming is hardly noticeable.

Fortunately, the processor doesn't throttle even under longer load, as our test with the GFXBench battery benchmark proves. The Galaxy smartphone offers a mono speaker at the bottom edge. However, you can still fill a small room with its sound without any problems. The sound is also fairly clear and full, but there are slightly less lower mids than in the Galaxy A9 , which causes the sound image to appear less warm. Since there is no 3. Samsung includes a headset, but this is not very loud and its sound also does not have much presence. The smartphone is not able to communicate with all USB-C-to-audio adapters, so you might want to try them out first.

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The connection via Bluetooth works without any problems and delivers a good sound. Considering its display size, the Samsung Galaxy A80 is actually fairly efficient, and particularly the consumption during idle operation is very low. While the values also remain at a low level under load, the Nokia 9 is even more efficient. Looking at the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy A80, you notice quickly that with almost 12 hours in our WLAN test scenario, it is quite suitable in practice.

Using it constantly, the device should easily last through a workday, and if you only use it occasionally, even two. Compared to its quasi-predecessor, the Galaxy A9 , the battery life remained almost the same, while the battery capacity is slightly smaller at mAh. Only when playing video does the Galaxy A80 remain clearly behind last year's Galaxy A9. So while the smartphone is no battery wonder, it is quite suitable in everyday operation. We're building the UK's fastest 5G network. Find out more about 5G. No more new number. See how to switch. Customers voted us the Best Network for Data.

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