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Devices registered in the Samsung server must also be registered in Knox Configure before the device can be enrolled. If not, contact your reseller to upload the device. If the device appears in the portal, verify that the device is assigned a profile.

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Try reassigning the profile. Application errors can occur when you are trying to modify, upload or push an app to a device using Knox Configure.

Cell phone spy app Samsung Galaxy A8 | Cellphone Tracker App

If an app has the same package name, uninstall the existing app and try enrolling your device again. Under Unknown sources, tap to allow the installation of apps from sources other than Google Play. Tap on the package name and follow the installation prompts. An error occurred due to network instability.

Spy apps Samsung Galaxy A8

License activation errors can occur for a variety of reasons, including: an expired license, terminated licenses, or Samsung License server connection issues. Enable Automatic date and time and Automatic time zone to use the settings from your mobile service provider.

To manually change time settings, disable Automatic date and time and Automatic time zone and use the Set date , Set time , and Select time zone settings as required. Obtain a production key by emailing knoxcustom samsung. Select the uploaded license. Your license selection is saved without requiring an additional confirmation button. In the Knox Configure dashboard, go to the License tab. Check that you have valid licenses available.

Check the expiry date.

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This section describes troubleshooting tips to consider when experiencing content download errors. Configuration errors can occur when pushing custom policies using the Knox Configure admin portal. In the Knox Configure Portal, go to the Devices tab. Select the device experiencing the failure. The log displays the error content e. Review the configuration file or setting experiencing the error.

Ensure you have entered the correct file type or setting for that particular field. Factory reset the device and try enrolling it again. If you continue to experience issues, re-install the client app. If the problems persist, obtain the device log and contact Samsung support. All Files. Add to UEM console 2. Configure policies 3. Deploy policies Microsoft Intune 1. Deploy policies MobileIron 1. Samsung Knox Support. Device-side errors The following errors could occur when using Knox Configure devices. Enrollment errors Enrollment errors can occur when registering a device in the Knox Configure portal.

Try to re-enroll the device. This device is not configured for Mobile Enrollment. A system error occurred because the IMEI or serial number isn't registered with the device enrollment server. Contact your IT admin or try again. Device enrollment error. If the problem persists, contact Samsung and provide a device log to assist with troubleshooting.

The admin is not activated. An error occurred while configuring the device. Invalid authentication credentials. Enrollment failed due to invalid authentication credentials.

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The server returns HTTP code Verify the credentials and try the credentials again. Unable to find credentials. The server returns HTTP code , not found. This username is already in use. Enter a different username and try again. If the problem persists contact Samsung and provide a device log to assist with troubleshooting. Username already in use. The username you are registering already exists. The server returns HTTP code , conflict. Try registering with a different login credential. Try enrolling again. If the problem persists contact your IT administrator.

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Server error. The system can't communicate with the Samsung server. The server would returns HTTP code 5xx, server error. Check your connection and try again. If the problem persists, contact Samsung and provide a device log to assist with trouble shooting.

Unable to enroll device. The device wasn't able to connect to the Samsung server. Invalid server certificate. Server certificate error Certificate pinning error. An invalid server certificate is preventing the device from enrolling successfully into Knox Configure. An error occurred on the device enrollment server due to an invalid server certificate. You can retry by pressing the button.

If the problem persists, please contact your IT admin. Register the IMEI on the server and retry the enrollment process again. No signal found for mobile networks.