Cellphone track on Nokia 8.1

The TPU core sticks out of the shell, adding grip to the case, and it comes with button covers for all the keys.

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  • Got young kids? Master working from home on the cheap with these home office deals 13 hours ago. Congratulations on your new Alta HR. I'd also be interested in getting feedback regarding users with the Nokia 8. I'd just like to mention, to be sure, that when a device is not supported we cannot guarantee its functionality with the Fitbit app. It might work at a certain time and then it can stop working out of nowhere after an update. This is because the app is not optimized to that device and any change could impact the performance.

    Remember to vote for posts that helped you out! Tired of the same workout music? Try a Podcast! I've bought a new Nokia 8 without thinking that there would be any issue, why should there be one with pure Android.. I have a Nokia 8 Sirocco and can't sync my ionic. This is really disappointing.

    Nokia Mobile now has a full-fledged site for tracking (security) updates

    Can Fitbit advise what their plans are for Nokia phones? Want to discuss ways to increase your activity?

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    At the moment we do not have any updates on that situation. I can tell you that our team is aware of the requests to expand the supported devices list. I'd like to mention that there is a possibility that an unsupported device can work as long as it fulfills the minimum requirements, Bluetooth 4. Some users have mentioned that following these steps has helped them sync with their phones that aren't on the list so maybe you could give that a shot.

    I have recently upgraded my phone to a Nokia 8 android and my Fitbit Alta will not work properly. After no end of trying different things and numerous emails to Fitbit I find out that this super duper new modern phone is NOT on their approved compatible list. Be sure to follow the steps I shared above, there is a possibility that they can sync and work correctly.

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    Yep, just bought a charge 3. Having problems with my Nokia 8 too. I didn't realise Fitbit was phone compatible. Not OS compatible. I'm really annoyed. Up until about 3 weeks ago it sync'd perfectly but now it will not sync at all. It's getting really frustrating and I'm at the point of getting rid of the Nokia and going back to Samsung. Have tried what you suggested and still not working. More and more people are getting disgruntled as this is still not compatible. Hardly use my Fitbit now and seriously looking into a Nokia Withings which will work and looks a lot nicer than Fitbit too!!

    Hardly use my Fitbit now and seriously looking into a Nokia fitness tracker which will work and looks a lot nicer than Fitbit too!! I've been having the same issue after a system update and posted on here last night but I think I've just fixed it.

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    Hopefully that will definitely work with other users. I have tried all of these suggestions and my fitbit still does not work at all with my Nokia 8. This has been going on so long now thought Fitbit would have fixed this major issue by now especially with so many angry Fitbit fans who are now considering going elsewhere or already left and given up like me!!!

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    I am on my second Icon now, the first lasted about 6 months. I have. Nokia 8.

    Nokia 8.1 Announced With ZEISS Optics, HDR 10 & Android 9 Pie

    The sleep function is never accurate. It has never been able to display calls, messages etc, fit pay will not work with my bank. In short it is the most disappointing tracker i have ever bought. I fell people the cost of it and how bad it is and they buy another brand. The iconic is beyond rubbish for me, back to chinese brands for me, yes the iconic is Chinese. I know its a bit late, I upgraded my phone back in from Samsung to Nokia 8. It did work for a bit and then it wouldnt sync through the app on the phone. I did discover that once I synced via my laptop, the app on the phone would update.

    It is annoying not been able to update via the mobile app or to see the stats throughout the day and having to wait until I got home from work. Being honest, I didnt know that Fitbit wasnt compatible with all phones. I got a bit of a surprise when I found that out. I have an older fitbit. I have the blaze.

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    • I am also aware theres been many issues with Android 9 pie. Unfortunately Nokia have decided not to include Nokia 8 in the Android 10 update.