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This phone seems to be a side step instead of a step forward. The camera is nice and the battery is amazing! When I first got the phone, I could go three days before recharging. Six months later and the batt read more. I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy A50, and I am very pleased with the phone.

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It has most of the features of a higher end phone, but competes in the mid-priced niche. That's exactly what I was looking for; a great phone at a cheap price. I also looked at the Google Pixel 3 and the Moto G7. I fo read more. The display is awesome and so is the camera but bluetooth continues to disconnect randomly and connecting devices again is a pain. Devices do not uppair, they just just disconnect. So frustrating. Absolutely love this phone! Just purchased one. I highly recommend this phone! Same great features and does all that the other high tech Samsung phones do.

Perfect phone if your not looking to spend a lot of money. Comparable to the expensive and popular phones. I would highly suggest this phone. The battery life is also great!!! Frequently asked questions Ask a question. Newest Questions. Answer this question. This phone is user-friendly. We do also offer classes for assistance with using smartphones. Was this answer helpful? Yes 1. They seems to be getting phased out. Yes it still has the headphone jack. So u ccan use thw headphones.

Yes 3. Hi Rayme. The Galaxy A50 does have a headphone jack. Thank you for reaching out to us. The Samsung A50 does have a 3. Yes 0. Yes 2. Hello Brittany. To add storage space to the Galaxy A50 you would have to purchase a SD card. Great question! You will need to purchase an SD card.

Samsung Galaxy A50 and Galaxy M30s receive Android 10 with One UI 2.0

Hi Jenn. You can transfer your data using the Samsung Smart Switch application. I have included a link that will walk you through the steps. You can transfer content from an old device to a new device using the Verizon Cloud. We faced some initial hiccups with the auto-brightness where it would get activated even after being disabled manually. This is something that can be fixed via a software update, which we hope to see in the future.

Considering its price, the Galaxy A50 brings in a new AMOLED flavor to the budget phone market and further elevates the visual experience offered by it. Samsung has also included features likes AR Emoji and Hyperlapsem, and the cameras on Galaxy A50 can also recognize different scenes and optimize the picture accordingly.

It took some time but we did manage to grab some good shots eventually. Testing the camera, we took pictures in a range of environments and settings to see how it really performs. The A50 takes better photos during daylight and performs poorly at night. During daytime or in well-lit environments, the cameras were able to pick up fine details with accurate colours and dynamic ratio. However, in low-lit conditions, the sensor fails to capture details at all.

The third ultra-wide angle sensor gives a different perspective to the frame and should be a point of interest for enthusiasts. Samsung has made a good decision to go with an ultra-wide camera as it opens up new possibilities towards more advanced mobile photography.

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A couple of pictures we took in a low-lit environment came out to be full of grains and little detail. Our daylight shots were full of detail, identifiable texture, accurate colours and contrast. Current page: Introduction, Design, Display and Camera. Home Reviews. Our Verdict Samsung Galaxy A50 is a step in the right direction. For Luminous back cover Large and bright display Decent battery life.

Samsung Galaxy A50 - Turn GPS Location On / Off

Interested buyers can choose between Black, White and Blue colour options. Design Picking up the Galaxy A50 in hand, it immediately feels very polished. On the other hand, the power consumption is lower with small screen diagonals and the devices are smaller, more lightweight and cheaper. Samsung : The Samsung Group is composed of numerous international businesses, all united under the Samsung brand in South Korea.

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The Samsung brand is one of the most important brands of South Korea. Samsung is an international notebook manufacturer of medium size according market shares and reviews.

In the laptop sector, Samsung is on the 8th place in the global manufacturer rankings from with 1. In Samsung slipped into a crisis due to exploding smartphone batteries and a failed recall action. The laptop is evaluated below average, this is not really a recommendation for purchase. Are you a techie who knows how to write?

Then join our Team! Especially English native speakers welcome! Best Displays , for University Students. Samsung Exynos LTE Cat. FM radio, fanless. Samsung homepage Samsung notebook section. Samsung Galaxy A50 Average Score: That may sound like an intoxicating mix, but can the Samsung Galaxy A50 match expectations?

Read on in this detailed review to find out. The Samsung Galaxy A50 does it all while offering a really good user experience.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Waterproof Test🌡️🧜🏻‍♀️ - ALMOST VERY GOOD👌🏼

If you're a die-hard Samsung fan in search of a good midrange handset, this is your best bet. If not, you should consider the Pixel 3a. It checks off all the same boxes as the A50, along with a superior fingerprint sensor, faster performance, better camera quality, and guaranteed software updates, making it our Editors' Choice. With phone prices rising and ownership time increasing, the world needs more accessible handsets.

It needs more phones like the A It's like an S10 but at a much more affordable price. We like the attractive design which is waterproof and lightweight. You then get some amazing hardware and features for your money inlcuding a really nice screen, decent cameras and GB of storage.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Price in India, Specifications, Comparison (22nd March )

It's not all plain sailing though, as the fingerprint scanner isn't very reliable and performance can be sluggish at times. So there are better mid-range phones around this price or a little bit more if you heart isn't set on Samsung. While the Galaxy A50's camera won't dazzle you like the Pixel 3a's, the Galaxy A50 is still an excellent value with a class-leading display.