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I particularly like the many watch faces I can use and the fact it tells me when I haven't been active enough. Recommend to anyone and everyone. Don't lose hope in smartwatches, especially if you haven't tried this one. The main gripe I have about it is the lack of battery life 1 day. So not only does the Gear S3 Classic look awesome on my wrist, it also has up to 4 days of battery life, which I can say is accurate. It just feels premium and using the dial to select apps is ingenious. Only gripe is I don't think the Samsung S Voice is very accurate when using to make calls or text.

Hopefully this will improve. I also hope more android apps will have gear s3 support! However, this device is absolutely brilliant! I received the watch as part of the Insiders Uk campaign.

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I have been using it for around a month now. First off, The watch had a good size face, it also is only lit when the watch senses that it has been brought up to be viewed by the owner. The watch is very responsive and works seamlessly with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The number of apps is limited, however there are some well known apps such as Spotify available. You can answer calls and texts on the watch, you simply turn the bezel one way or the other to either answer or reject the call.

The standard strap that the watch comes with is useful and allows the watch to be snug and not move around when worn. However after long periods of wearing it, it can become uncomfortable. Pictures can be sent to the watch and stored there. Overall I would recommend the watch despite the price.

Wonderful piece of technology which has made be reconsider becoming a samsheep. I used to have asus zenwatch 2 which was upgraded from the original Gear The very first one with tizen the software since the first one has matured and with the round bezel control it feels like a natural interaction. The exercise measuring is up there with most of the fitness focused wearable devices like Fitbit and it looks stunning. It even pick up I am swimming with is great. I have tried using it while playing cricket and it was able to detect it has light sports activity which is nice to see rather than one common activity track record.

It also gives me the option to count the amount of water intake which is build into S-Heath which reduces one more stand alone app entry. I Love the colour always on screen No other watch in the market can do that Received the gear 3 at Christmas of which I was very excited to try out. On first impressions the packaging and presentation looked very sleek. I'd read a few reviews that the watch was bulky which it is but was not over sized and was still comfortable on a medium sized wrist. The watch itself looks well built and sturdy, whilst expensive for a watch it does have that quality appeal.

Setting up was straight forward and easy to do and no problems linking the device to my Samsung phone.

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They have a range of apps available for your everyday needs from making calls, checking weather to fitness tracking and even watching you tube. Good example of multitasking, I went for a run to a friends house using the watches music and navigation whilst tracking my fitness and recording it on my s-health app on my phone. To summarise high price point but in my opinion worth the money. I have a Samsung S7 phone, so I downloaded the Samsung Gear app and this helped me connect to the watch via bluetooth.

Turning the dial brings up 'widgets' which you can customise. To give you an idea of what you can choose: there's an alarm widget, weather widget, shortcut of upto 4 favourite contacts widget where you can directly dial your favourite from the watch, breaking news widget, calender, step counter, floor counter, heart beat widget, music player widget etc etc.

Although in concept it sounds great on paper, many features just aren't useful. For the gallery app, you basically have to choose a selection of photos to send to the watch which is stored on the watch memory. Same with music, don't assume because you have loads of tracks on your phone that you can listen to them all on the watch - its only what you send over via bluetooth. This to me is pointless, because I'm hardly ever without my phone and if I didn't have my phone with me then I wouldn't be dying to look at photos on my watch or listen to music from my wrist.

Mind you the sound quality wasn't too bad but realistically, for the person who just can't do without listening to music, I'm sure they would rather stick headphones in their ears and not have music from a tiny speaker on the wrist. The news real as a widget is nice, but really.. I know I like to stay up-to-date with news but I'm not that into it that I need to be constantly updated with whats going on in the world.

You can answer and make calls from your contacts on the watch. I liked the favourite contact widget where with one tap you're dialling and speaking - but you'd think it all sounds useful..

Wifi Calling

Assume you're cycling to work and your phones in your bag, and you're expecting an urgent call then the watch is useful because it vibrates and tells you whose ringing and obviously from the watch you can answer the call and talk. But if you're outside cycling, its likely going to be a lot of background noise and so answering a call from your wrist and talking and listening to the call from the wrist is just not practical. You'd rather just get your phone out of the bag and hold your phone to your ear.

Same, if you go to the gym, if you leave the phone in the locker and go on the treadmill, yes it's useful for the watch to vibrate and tell you whose ringing, but would I really want to talk with someone on 'loudspeaker' - no. Generally if you hold the phone on loudspeaker then you can control background noise to a degree but with a call on your wrist I'm not so sure the call would be faultless with a hand moving around.

Everyone is exercise conscious these days so I did enjoy some features, the step counter of how many steps you've done in a day and if you've hit your target was handy - but then again my Samsung S7 already does this for me already, and I'm not sure which is more accurate because the results from both devices even if they were both with me all day would be a little different.

Another one was a widget to count how much coffee vs water you've drank, how many floors you've climbed etc. I did find the sleep tracker good. Keeping the watch on all night, you can wake up in the morning and look at your phone to track how efficient your sleep was by looking at the times you were moving around and restless. The full month calendar view was helpful as well as the reminders widget. I'm still in two minds about the heart beat tracker which measures your heart beat maybe every hour the back of the watch surface shines a green light to your wrist so your unconsciously having your heart beat measured periodically.

Maybe its good to know this but when I look at the phone to analyse the results etc I'm not sure what I'm actually getting from knowing that my heart beat reading is slightly high or slightly low- its not like its measuring my blood pressure. The ability to change watch faces was great at first but the novelty does slowly wear thin. The buzz of 'o which face shall I have today' or 'how'm I feeling today' sounds great but the number of places you can download new faces is so limited that its awful.

Free faces which looked stylish were hard to come by, and the paid versions aren't all that much better either. I'm not sure if others would agree but still, for some reason the faces even though they would replicate say a TAG Heuer watch, would just look fake and artificial on the screen.

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Even on photos, the watch face that's shown on advertisements makes the watch look so cool but in reality it doesn't resemble that premium look at all. I would advise before buying this watch to go in store and just see whether its your cup of tea. Other things that came on the watch were messages app, email app, spotify, calculator and some others. There were a few games but it just felt silly playing a game on your wrist instead of pulling out my phone. One other feature on the phone app was Find my gear - you click the button on the phone and the watch would scream out loud but how often would you really misplace an expensive watch?!

The watch comes with its own operating system not as well known as apple or android, and it did crash twice over the past 2 months. Contents in box: Watch, 2 straps large and small , wireless charger and plug Build quality: Its solid and sturdy.

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Doesn't feel cheap at all. With either of the straps you'll find plenty of holes and definitely find a size to fit you. There are 2 rubber clasps also which help stop the strap coming undone. Wireless charger: I've never used a wireless charger before, the charger acts a bit like a magnet- when your near the charger it sucks into place when you're close to it. Battery life: Using the watch just like an ordinary watch without using any apps besides the alarm gives you 3 days worth but I noticed even if I used the watches features then it'd still be about 3 days worth.

When its connected to your phone you get to monitor battery life on the phone app - I found this accurate. Conclusion: Samsung has pioneered many many things in the tech industry and this was a great attempt. I'm not sure how much of an improvement this watch is compared to the S2.

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There are a variety of things you can do with this watch but the useless features outweigh the useful. In general though, the useful features can be found on things like a fitbit for a fraction of the cost of this watch - but if you just want to look cool and don't mind paying the extra money for a 'different' gadget then go for it. With the hefty price tag and lack of apps this isn't worth it. Would I buy this? If I won the lottery.. But not at this price. If you do buy this, just weigh up if you'd actually make use out of the features or whether it'd just be better spending the money on a better phone.

It is good value for money you can change the faces on it to sute your mood, it's clear when you are on a call easy to answer messages come up to clear and it's a great fitness tracker even tells you if you have not moved and how long for its a great all round smart watch.

Really impressed with this watch - I love the styling in that it has the look and feel of a proper watch. Some other smart watches I've seen have the look of play things or toys, but this is really sturdy, in a metal case. The bezel on the front of the dial rotates to access the various functions on the watch and the colour touch screen is clear and responsive.

One particular thing I like about this watch is the ability when paired to your smartphone to make calls from the watch and have a conversation through that alone.