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They can also send invoices and get notifications whenever these invoices are paid.

Hidden Tracking App for Android and iOS to Track Your Kids Smartphone Activities

This app is mostly used by freelancers and individuals because its features are more oriented toward the employee, not the employer. Harvest offers powerful reporting, budget alerts, timesheet approvals, and integration with over a hundred apps. TSheets is one of the most popular time tracking apps, along with Hubstaff and of course, Buddy Punch.

The features and options are very similar among the three, with the distinction that Buddy Punch has a couple more features and more affordable pricing. This specific app allows users to monitor work, track time, and oversee projects from any location, at any time. Managers can access clients, tasks, lists, and a timesheet as well as receive notifications and up-to-date reports.

GPS location is also available in TSheets. Time Doctor is software used both by individuals and small businesses. Time Doctor has a variety of features to offer, but they are all the standard ones most tracking tools use. By choosing this tool, you can use your iPhone to track the activities of employees and control the workflow. GPS tracking is now also available with Time Doctor. Timeneye is not as popular as the rest, but it has been improving significantly since its launch in the time tracking market. Their iOS app allows users to record time spent on different projects, edit this data, add a description to projects, etc.

The phone app does not allow you to generate reports or share them, but it synchronizes with the web site, where you can access this information. The Hours app has also become very popular in the business world due to the many positive reviews from users. Hours is primarily used by individuals and freelancers since its features work really well for organizing your personal as well as work time.

The smart reminders keep users from forgetting things, the visual timeline makes it possible to track their hours, and the ability to edit everything is very useful. If you own a business and want to use this software to manage employees, know that Hours only offers an iPhone app and is not available for Android. One of the many benefits of Buddy Punch is the variety of devices and software it can be used on. You can access your account on Buddy Punch from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In addition to the iPhone app, users can download and use a free Android time clock app.

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To learn more and get the apps to start tracking time for your business, follow this link. Best Time Tracking App for iPhone. Why Buddy Punch? TimeCamp Similar to Buddy Punch, TimeCamp also has options for creating tasks, generating reports, and punching in time as well as sharing timesheets. Hubstaff The Hubstaff app allows users to track time and pay employees automatically.

8 Best iPhone Tracking Apps in 2020

No Credit Card Required. Take Back Control Manage Apps. Control Web. Track GPS. Time Limits Easily set daily time limits for your children to avoid excessive usage. Schedules Set blocked periods such as sleep time and homework time to avoid distractions when your children need to focus on something important.

Verizon Smart Family, Location Tracking & Parental Protection

Set blocked periods each dayt. Instant Pause Parents love this one! Pause device on-demand. Free Play We recognise that sometimes you need your children to be distracted, Free Play lets you override settings temporarily. Override settings temporarily. Approve Apps Keeping up with the latest apps is a challenge for any parent. Approve or reject any app. Track daily app activity. Keep an eye on web surfing. Android Only Block inappropriate sites.

Location Tracking See where your child is at the push of a button. Android Only Real-time location tracker. Geo-Trips Make sure you know the route your child takes to get to school … or anywhere else. Geo-Fencing Get an alert when your child arrives or leaves a specific location. Apple Health admirably serves as a repository for data, so it can import data from other sleep apps like Sleep Cycle. Having all your health data in one app makes it easier to see trends and see how a lack of sleep may affect your day. Read More. If you want to improve your sleep and not just track it, then check out Sleep Cycle.

It will wake you up slowly at the optimal time in a specified window, ensuring you wake feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Android iOS. Remember when you were a kid, and the sound of the rain in the car would gently lull you to sleep?

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Rain Rain Sleep Sounds has a catalog of over 25 natural noises to help you get to sleep, including rain on a tent, distant thunderstorms, and crashing ocean waves. Fancy hearing a thunderstorm over the ocean from your tent? On Android and want even more sound options? Sleepa comes with 32 carefully selected sounds, sorted into four different categories: Rain, city, nature, and meditation sounds.

Like other apps, you can mix these different sounds together to create your own personal spin, or simply use each one with the built-in timer to fade away when you fall asleep. It does this through a specific relaxation program that slows your heart rate, stabilizes your brain, and helps you to release tension and stress from the day, easing you into a sleepy state. It also functions as a smart alarm, with a gradually rising alarm that aims to wake you slowly and naturally after your rest. Interestingly, it also comes with a power nap function that lets you take short, restful naps to boost your performance through the day.