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T here is a USB-C headset f or audio listening, and an adapter for standard headsets that use a 3. Our test unit was still delivered with Android 9.

However, Android 10 is available for the Nova 5T and was installed together with the corresponding EMUI 10 user interface and the Android security patch from October 6. In addition to the Google services we have already mentioned, several bloatware apps are also installed, but you can uninstall them. It is surprising when Huawei does not score in the network communication area. Not only are routers one of the business segments of the company, but this is also where its roots are.

The similar drop for both devices at the beginning of the transfer also stands out.

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The Huawei also scores with a high coverage in the LTE net. The GPS receiver works fast and is able to quickly find a sufficient amount of signals already indoors. During a bike tour, where we also take the Edge professional navigation device from Garmin, the recording of the route is almost exemplary in the Huawei. Even in places where the professional device runs into some trouble, such as when it cuts off the corner of a house in a residential area, the smartphone remains on track.

Huawei uses its own phone interface with additional features such as quick-dial and voice control. The quality of the voice transfer is good in both directions. A lens on top with a short focal distance allows you to take wide-angle shots. The pictures from those are sharper in all three scenes, but the detail enlargements are also noisy in the dark.

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Huawei reduces the image noise to the detriment of the sharpness. This is advantageous for recordings with little light, but in the portrait of the teddy bear, it leads to washed out spots in the fur. In the city picture, the reflections on the car roofs also turn out worse than those from the Apple and Google phones. Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device.

The Nova 5T reproduces the colors of the ColorChecker Passport image slightly lighter, but without any color tint worth mentioning. Under controlled light conditions, we also evaluate the sharpness and detail levels. In the center of the test image, all the details are reproduced sharply. However, towards the side and bottom edges, the contrast and sharpness decrease noticeably. In addition to the charger, USB-C cable, SIM tool, and technical documents, there are also a h eadset and an additional a dapter for a headset with a standard 3. The Nova can be unlocked by bio-metric methods using the face or fingerprints.

Both methods respond exceptionally fast in the test. SwiftKey is installed as the standard keyboard. This is a keyboard app that is older than Google's GBoard and has been proven for many years. However, SwiftKey is unable to produce the mini stickers that you can create from a selfie with Google since and also on the iPhone. If you need those, you have to install GBoard. Thanks to Widevine Level 1 certification, content from Amazon, Netflix, and so forth is also displayed in high resolution on the The ITPS display offers a good average brightness, but not in all areas of the screen.

On the other hand, the contrast, which results from good brightness and a low black value, is better in the Nova 5T. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured.

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The high color temperature of just barely below K indicates a cool color reproduction. This is also confirmed by the Delta-E value of 6. Only if the value remains below 5, the color tint is hardly noticeable. But since there was no sun during our testing period, we were unable to verify this. Even when looking at the Huawei smartphone from the sides, the display reproduces the contents without a noticeable color veil. Particularly in the graphical benchmarks, the Mali-G76 comes up short against the Adreno several times. Qualcomm's Snapdragon wins in all three browser benchmarks.

However, the Nova 5T also does a good job here, and also shows itself to be fast in practice. In none of the smartphones in the test, the storage can be expanded. Considering this in connection with the available image sizes of the highly resolving camera, less than the actual GB would be insufficient, but this amount is okay.

While the ranking when reading from or writing to the storage turns out a mixed bag, overall the Nova 5T delivered good access rates in the class comparison.

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In the physics-based " OVIVO " game, a small ball is advanced to the next level very accurately by tilting and tapping of the touch screen. This also worked reliably and promptly. In the beginning, there were some small stutters we could not explain, but this did not happen again during the game.

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You don't need to worry about too much heat development in the Nova 5T. Even under load, the surface does not become excessively warm. In practice, the speaker of the Huawei Nova offers a solid impression. In the higher frequencies, both tend towards a reproduction that is too bright. Both of our Kirin models in our test field reflect this, using even more power during idle operation than the Qualcomm competitors.

At least they remain slightly below the internal average, but they pale particularly in the comparison to the Pixel 3a. The Huawei smartphone is able to remain online for almost 13 hours in our controlled web surfing test. The Huawei Nova 5T is a powerful smartphone with a lot of storage and a very elegant case. Also, wide-angle images and macro photography are additional features, that allow the Nova 5T to score.

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