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One day, I got 5 hours and 2 minutes of screen-on time. The next, I got 7 hours and 33 minutes. On average, if I unplugged my phone at around 9 am, it would be near dead by around midnight. I was hoping for a bigger battery though, since the screen is noticeably bigger than both the last Note and the Galaxy S10 Plus. Real-world testing got the device from 0 to percent in about 75 minutes, which can come in pretty handy when you need a quick jump.

The placement of the camera array is also better in my opinion because you no longer get your index finger in wide shots. The overall quality of the Note 10 Plus camera is very similar to the Galaxy S10 Plus, but I feel Samsung has improved its processing a bit. Color is very good and the HDR is far less dramatic. The Galaxy S10 Plus would raise the shadows and blacks of every shot extremely aggressively, and the Note 10 Plus does a better job of having more contrast in shots. The wide camera is amazingly versatile. This can be fixed in post-production if you want to, but the camera is still very useful for getting more in the frame and making things feel large.

The standard camera is the sharpest and has good color. It also has the widest potential aperture of the three cameras. The telephoto camera also seems improved, probably from a software level. This is primarily used for making 3D models of objects. Samsung lets you manipulate these models in post, and even export them to software like Blender 3D. There is no Depth Vision camera on the smaller Galaxy Note Unfortunately, like other Samsung cameras, the Note 10 Plus struggles in low light. The Note 10 will leave the aperture open for a while to get enough light, which causes quite a bit of smearing if the subject is moving at all.

The phone will also overdo contrast in low-light scenarios, blowing out highlights and crushing blacks and shadows. The front-facing camera on the Note 10 is very good.

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Images are sharp and have good color. Dynamic range is good and I think it looks even better than the rear cameras. This is surprising because Samsung had to make the aperture smaller on the Note 10 selfie camera than it was on the Galaxy Note 9. You can change the amount of blur with the slider. This works well, and I think it looks very natural.

Glitch adds a 3D glitch effect to your photos, while color point keeps the subject in color and makes everything else black and white. These effects can also be used in video mode, and they work well. Live focus video on the GalaxyNote10 works pretty well. Nice natural-ish bokeh. I dig the glitch. Unfortunately, video struggles in low-light just as much as photos do. Highlights are blown out and shadows are crushed. Also read: Huawei P30 Pro camera review: Next-level optics, low-light king. Full-size camera samples can be viewed here. When originally reviewing the Note 10 Plus, it was running Android 9 Pie.

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There are multiple changes present in Android 10 and One UI 2. For the original review of the software, see below. This is a good sign since in the original review the Note 10 Plus was behind in updates by nearly a month. Screen elements are large and easy to reach, and there are nice features like scrolling screenshots and a built-in screen recorder.

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The one worry I have with this software is consistent updates. Samsung may improve its update timeline, but it has not been the best at this historically. The biggest software updates coming to the Note 10 Plus are an enhanced Dex experience alongside a new partnership with Microsoft called Link to Windows. Dex now works with any computer with any USB cable. In a way, this defeats the point of Dex as something to replace your PC. Link to Widows is a toggle you can turn on and off in your notification shade.

The feature allows you to receive texts, photos, and other notifications on your Windows PC. Using it to share photos is the most useful for me personally since I use Android Messages for web to handle text messages. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series is getting a lot of flack for dumping the headphone jack.

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In my opinion, this flack is justified. I asked my Twitter followers what their take on the jack removal was and got a fairly diverse response.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 review

The speakers sound very good and tested very well in our dedicated speaker test. If you want a phone that sounds good without a Bluetooth speaker , the Note 10 Plus is a great pick. This year, Samsung has added a few new features. This means you can perform gestures like swiping up and down and left and right to switch camera modes or make a swirling motion to zoom in with the camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review

Other new features include AR Doodle and improved digital text conversion. AR Doodle allows you to draw on people and things in virtual space. The strangest thing about this pricing is this device comes a full six months after the S10 series, which have been significantly discounted since launch.

This, then, leaves the S Pen and the design as the biggest differentiators between Note 10 Plus and other flagship devices. Personally, the stylus is not a vital asset for me. The S Pen and the design are the biggest differentiators between Note 10 Plus and other flagship devices. If Samsung really wanted to separate the Galaxy S line and Galaxy Note line, using the newly released Snapdragon Plus would have been a great move. The company has traditionally marketed the Note series as the power user device, and while more RAM and faster storage are undoubtedly perks, the Plus would have been an easy way to market the device to gaming enthusiasts.

For any company that releases two devices a year, selling the newest Qualcomm chipset at the beginning of the year and the Plus model in the second half of the year is a straightforward path to making the upgrade worth it. Take note, Samsung. Like I said earlier, this series was made for people who want the best design and great specs, not the power users who want something that would blow other phones out of the water on paper. Samsung is looking to rope in a much wider demographic with this device, and whether or not you agree with that move, the Note 10 Plus is still a wonderful phone.

They all come with headphone jacks, too. It would be easy to find these devices at a reduced cost as well.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a wonderful phone, but its priorities have clearly changed. Nearly every update on the Note 10 Plus was driven by the need to attract a broader audience, which meant reducing the power user association with the device. The standard Note 10 takes this concept even further with a smaller p display, no microSD card expansion, and a fairly small 3,mAh battery.

And this concludes our Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review. Will you buy this phone? Let us know in the comments! Check it out below! See it at Amazon. See price at Amazon. Just download the Move to iOS app from the Google Play Store and it securely transfers your content for you — everything from photos and videos to contacts, messages, and Google Apps.

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You bet. Ease of use is at the core of everything Apple creates, and iOS is designed to be both simple and intuitive. Ask Siri to make calls or send texts when your hands are full. Or type by swiping from one letter to the next. And the camera just keeps getting better. Portrait mode creates a depth-of-field effect so your subjects really pop. The latest iPhone models let you shoot the highest-quality video in a smartphone.

Because these chips are so efficient, iPhone delivers incredible battery life. It also learns from your daily charging routine to reduce battery aging. Apple apps like Maps and Safari help keep private all the places you go and sites you visit. Apple will not sell your information to anyone for any reason. You can become an Animoji.