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At the same time, the choice of chipset and performance configuration limits the phone to very basic users especially if you are considering the Galaxy A20 in You know you can google and set the on off button to hit it 2wice and turns on the camera. Also as huge help you can set the volume button to focus the camera. Also you can set it to unlock automatically near what ever device it can detect or pair with. Like your car stereo it will automatically reconnect everytime you get close ,instead of having to unlock your phone to reconnect.

Also you can speed the phone up or you usto to beable to make it a like 1. I have metro pcs and it works flawless. To have focus and a flash. How does the A20 compare to my old S7?

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What differences are noticeable and possibly a deal breaker? How is the A20 sound quality? Since you are moving from a flagship phone who will notice limitations on A I would suggest look for another phone. A few months ago when the problems first appeared a local Verizon tech recommended the A50 as a very good equivalent phone to my S7.

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Would that phone model be a better choice? Thanks for your input.

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It fell out my hands while I was 2feet off the ground, the screen got a minor crack on Wood floor and later that night the screen went black. They told me the LCD screen must be broken. I was very upset that a drop that simple could have caused that… This must be the worst phone ever made, period. I am in the process of getting rid of anything I have made by Samsung. They obviously care very little for consumers or the integrity of the products they sell. Only people who got payed to do good reviews are doing so….

Worst phone I have ever had for signal. Calls drop out all the time. Only get one to two bars.

Samsung Galaxy A20 (12222) review

Data wobbles from 4G to 3G, parama chetha phone , dont buy waste your money. I have a 64gb sd card which is plenty for my needs but seriously, every second day i need to spend up to 40 minutes transferring my apps BACK from internal to external storage…. The Samsung A20 is the worst phone I have ever had! Nothing on the phone works! Just got off the phone with a supervisor and his recommendation was to send the phone to them to try to repair. This would require me being without a phone for one to two weeks!

Are you kidding me? You will regret it!

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Looking for a dedicated phone for TV and Data sharing no games no text no calls will the A20 work. It has an unstable network reception that also affects stability of connectivity. Where the network bar of the gsm service provider is full and stable in phones like gionee, that of Samsung A20 will be fluctuating between network bars making it often difficult to surf the internet. I hope to swap it for another phone this festive season. The camera is unstable. Galaxy J5 has better camera. More stable even when shooting while the subject is moving,.

Does anyone know how much data space is used up by preloaded apps on the A20 sold by Straight Talk? My S5 could not unlock screen. If I got rid of A S5 will break. What about this overheating problem with the A20 phone??? Thinking about taking it back?? Maybe this only happened to you?

I live in the US, so I was thinking about different problems that might come up. I assumed that those who are complaining about lack of 4G are in India? I bought an A20 and have had no issues except the photo thing where there is a little blurriness but otherise its fine. Under 18 Over Male Female. Did you read product reviews online before purchasing this product?

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