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A few additional specifications the Galaxy A50 has is a FM radio and 3. Missing features we see on flagship Samsung phones include:. As you can see above, these aren't necessarily critical missing features, especially when you consider the A50 is available for a third the cost of a Galaxy S10 Plus or Note 10 Plus. When I first opened the box and took out the Samsung Galaxy A50 I thought someone at Samsung was messing around with me by sending a S10 or something. The phone is black, but the back has that same cool rainbow effect we see on the new Note 10 Plus.

Angling the back in light has the phone showing off lovely colors. Samsung called the phone material "glastic" since it is a very glossy plastic that looks almost like the glass back phones we see on the flagships.

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I'm perfectly fine with an attractive plastic phone since it is less likely to break when dropped. It is still quite a fingerprint magnet, but wipes off easily too. The large 6. The top and side bezels are only about a millimeter while the bottom bezel is about three times the width of these other bezels. The fingerprint scanner is also under the display, but uses an optical one as we see on the OnePlus 7 Pro and other Android phones.

It's been more reliable for me than the ultrasonic one on the Note 10 Plus so I have zero issues with using this type of fingerprint scanner.

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I would have been perfectly fine with a rear capacitive one like we see on the Note 9 too. There is no Bixby button either. The power button can be configured to launch Bixby if you desire though, again just like the Note 10 series. On the bottom we find a 3. The mono speaker is loud enough for reasonably watching videos and holding conference calls. There is nothing on the top of the phone. Swinging around the back we see the two cameras and depth sensor in a triple opening vertical array with the flash positioned below the depth sensing lens.

Samsung branding is also found on the glastic back. The May security patch is currently found on this test unit, which is a bit disappointing since Samsung has shown a solid track record of security patch updates on the flagship phones. Not sure if there is a challenge updating an Xfinity Mobile model, but we should at least see these appear one or two months after general release.


One UI is a great update to previous versions of the Samsung Experience and is quickly becoming my favorite non-Pixel flavor of Android. LG should pay attention to what Samsung has done and take a hard look at its UI with future releases. One UI offers a clean user experience with gesture-based navigation options too. I finally moved away from the standard three-button Android navigation controls and am embracing full screen gestures on Android as I did with iOS. Thankfully, Samsung still includes its own apps, such as email, calendar, contacts, image gallery, music player, and web browser software.

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All of these offer more than the stock Google apps, and while others move to purely stock Google apps, there is still a ton of value in these Samsung applications that offer more for the enterprise user. This phone is not loaded with bloatware so the internal storage is yours to fill up with your favorite apps, games, and data. If you are not a Comcast internet subscriber, then you are not qualified to sign up for Xfinity Mobile service.

If you are an internet subscriber, then there are two plan offerings available for your consideration. You can sign up for a plan by the gig or sign up as an unlimited customer. There are no activation fees, no minimum contracts, and if you bring your own qualified phone you get a SIM card for free.

These data allotments are shared between all of the lines you enabled, with a limit of five lines per account. For my family of five, I could not have any tablets or smartwatches connected if each person had a phone line account. You can setup unlimited service for select phones and then have the rest share the By the Gig data allotment too.

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