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Brian Acton, who is a former Yahoo engineer and Jan Koum are the founders of Whatsapp which is the most famous and popular instant messaging app available in the world. Whatsapp itself is a live example of where innovation in technology is growing the communication. With many people addicted to Whatsapp, it is worth to explore that what went behind making this happen. Jan Koum was not from a wealthy family, he stayed with his mother and grandmother in a small apartment. With all his efforts and hard work, he finally got into San Jose State University where he took training in the program.

Jan Koum met his business partner, Brian while working at Yahoo as an engineer. They worked together in Yahoo company for almost 9 years and also left the organization together. They also applied their luck to Facebook, but nothing happened. Then they thought of making an app for iPhone users until then they had no plans of getting rich.

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They created the app which received amazing success in a very short period of time. This was because the users found it really easy to use and also they need not register anywhere in order to use the application. This was like the dream come true for both of them. Jan Koum chose the name Whatsapp, and they started building an app where people would have their status next to their names. Because of the failure in the initial models, Jan Koum was getting disheartened and was almost about to give up but it was his partner who asked him to not give up so easily.

Finally in November , after many months passed of Beta testing, Whatsapp finally launched in the app store of iPhones, and the blackberry versions just released after 2 months. Without advertising, they both earned millions of dollars. They both made money in 2 ways as they started charging for first-time installation for both iPhone and Android users every year. Reports state that approximately around million people use Whatsapp in a month. This is a huge number for any application to reach in the smartphone space.

More people use and install Whatsapp, the more partners will earn. Money was straight going into their pocket. There was no outside investment in making the application, all the development was done in Russia itself. They could have earned more by creating the Whatsapp Corporation. They could have earned by selling it. Both of the partners worked at Yahoo for more than 9 years and hence they learned the tricks of the trade. Yahoo works with the advertisements, but this is not in the case of Whatsapp. Most of the users do not like advertisements while using an application.

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By keeping this in mind, both of them made an app which is simple to use avoiding the advertisements. That also made Whatsapp loved by the users all over the world. There are only 55 employees in Whatsapp Inc. The main motive of the app is to provide simple connection to the users that will make them connect to their loved ones if you are far away. Whatsapp now is owned and bought over by Facebook, which made both the partners Jan and Brian billionaires in a very short time. It is a texting service between mobile phones that is been replaced by the regular text messages. Users can text, chat, and share media, including voice messages and video, with individuals or groups.

In Whatsapp, you can also share your location, also organize lists of contacts so that you can quickly send messages to lots of people in group chats through Whatsapp. For most, the Lumia will extend beyond that line. It's one of the most un-pocketable phones I've ever used, often slipping out of my pants pocket while I was sitting on a couch. When I wore jeans, it filled my front pocket completely, pushing against the skin of my leg. And I'm 6 feet, 4 inches tall; I suspect shorter people in tight clothing would find it impossible to sit down with the Lumia in a pants pocket.

Even if you carry the Lumia around in a handbag, the form factor gets in the way. On top of that, the phone is just plain hard to hang on to. Nokia opted for the same glossy finish from previous Lumias for the phone's backside, which looks absolutely gorgeous, but also makes the phone a little slippery. That's okay if you have a confident grip on the device, but the 's extreme size often stood in the way of that.

Android 1.0 (2008)

I must have fumbled and even dropped it at least a half-dozen times while trying to snap a picture. Taking photos was a little awkward, partly because Nokia encourages you to take pictures with the dedicated camera shutter button that resides near the spot your index finger would rest when holding the phone in landscape mode. However, if you push down in the wrong place — and sometimes even at the right one — your fingers may slip on the glossy-smooth edge, which is curved. You can mitigate the slippage somewhat with Nokia's optional case, which folds over to become a stand, similar to Apple's iPad Smart Covers.

Windows Phone Expands

The only problem is that it's a horrible design: When folded, the case does an extremely poor job of holding the phone up, and your fingernails will suffer every time you try to pop the phone in and out of it. Nokia made a good choice with the dedicated camera button. The 's screen isn't just big; it's also full HD 1, x 1, resolution. Photos — especially the ones you take with the phone's megapixel camera — look stunning on the display.

This device was clearly designed to show off media, and it has enough photo-capturing tech on board to qualify for Nokia's PureView label. In addition to all those pixels, the device has a powerful engine to drive them: a 2. On paper, the Nokia Lumia is the largest, most powerful smartphone to ever carry the Windows Phone banner.

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In practice, I felt the hardware delivered the goods, but the software sometimes lagged behind. Windows Phone recently had a big update that introduced support for much of the tech on board the It definitely got those tent-pole features right, but the details sometimes falter. For starters, I got a persistent error when trying the sync my Mashable Google Apps account.

The told me it didn't have enough memory to fully sync the account, which would lead to delivery delays and the inability to view messages in folders other than the inbox.

Nokia Lumia 1520: Windows Phone Goes Big, but Not Brilliant

Since my iPhone 4S , with two-year-old hardware, handles the account with no issues, I find it hard to believe a state-of-the-art phablet would run out of memory doing such a fundamental smartphone task. I then ran into a problem with Facebook. When I tried to share a photo to the service from my gallery, Facebook didn't appear in the share list.

I eventually discovered that, although I'd already downloaded and logged into the app, the gallery wouldn't actually let me share to Facebook without officially adding it as an account in Settings. I found this very odd since third-party services like Twitter and Flickr appeared in the list without signing in via settings Twitter appears twice, confusingly. This quirk is especially frustrating since Microsoft actually builds the Facebook app for Windows Phone — why wouldn't it make sure the two connect as conveniently as possible?

This may seem like a minor issue, but really, who other than a power user is going to think to sign into Facebook twice, in two different places, to fully connect his phone to the service? None of the other annoyances — like the inability to copy and paste the information in the "About Phone" page — were particularly disastrous, but they're generally indicative of a platform in need of a little more polish. First off the Nokia 4.

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This lets the 4. The 4. All of these things are much smaller improvements over the 2.

This is an octa-core processor that makes using the phone smooth and totally usable. The Nokia 2. One thing that I noticed when taking pictures with the two phones is the 2. One thing that I did like about the 2.