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On Tuesday, though, Google emphasized that much of what you do on its new phones will stay there. A new recording transcription feature and radar technology that recognizes gestures are also done on the device.


The goal is to give people more choice over privacy settings, Osterloh said. Nest speakers and cameras now come with physical switches to turn off cameras and mics, for example.

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Still, Google relies heavily on customer information to build user-specific profiles it uses to target digital advertising, which produces the vast majority of its income. First spotted by 9To5Google , the new price only appeared on the "Overview" page for the Pixel 4 beside the prominent blue-coloured Buy button. However, proceeding to the configuration page revealed that Google wasn't really selling its flagship for free. And even more baffling, that wasn't the only pricing error that appeared on the Google Store this week.

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Clearly, that's not correct either. While there's nothing quite as good value as that on the Google Store at the moment, the Mountain View-based company does have some offers for those who want to get their hands on the Pixel Slate. However, Google's product lead for Android Messages, Drew Rowny, says, "From a data retention point of view, we delete the message from our RCS backend service the moment we deliver it to an end-user.

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Just as an iOS user needs to be messaging other iOS or Mac users in order to communicate via iMessage, RCS will work only when all of the parties in a chat are also using it. And we've already told you about that great divide that is negatively impacting the U.

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Forget Democrats vs. On the iPhone, there appears to be great hatred for those Android users who are forced to communicate with iOS device owners using the dreaded green bubble. In all fairness to Verizon and T-Mobile, the wording used in their tweets indicates that there could be a time when they enable RCS for the Pixel 4 line. But frankly, we'd just like to see Google pull the same end around in the U.

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Here's what the Essential Phone 2 and 3 would have looked like. The Nokia 8. Months-old bug in iOS 13 remains unfixed, keeps draining users' mobile data.