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Now comes the catch If you blacklist the phone, in other words block the IMEI number, you cannot trace the phone as you need this number. The phone basically becomes a paper weight and is useless to anyone.

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Further, if no case is opened because you have no blacklisting number, then no investigation will take place!!! So what do you do? And now for the best part. There is software online which enables you to change the IMEI number of a phone. So the whole tracing thing falls flat. Your email address will not be published. Africa Check encourages frank, open, inclusive discussion of the topics raised on the website.

Set up your mobile phone.

Select settings. Step 1 of 16 Press Contacts. Step 3 of 16 Press Settings. Step 5 of 16 Select one of the following options: Copy contacts from your SIM to your mobile phone, go to 2a. Step 7 of 16 Press SIM card. Step 8 of 16 Press Device. Step 9 of 16 Press the box above "All". Step 12 of 16 Press SIM card.

Court order required to trace phone

Step 13 of 16 Press OK. Step 14 of 16 Press the box above "All". Step 16 of 16 Press the Home key to end the session and return to the Home screen. Select an option. Return to the Home screen. Was this helpful?

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Score 5. Not getting anything. Nina Borseth ninamarie Rep: 6 5 1. Score 4. Louise Platiel Rep: 37 1. Now the image is in my gallery and I can find it there. Score 3. Helet vd Berg helet Rep: 13 1. Give the Internet or Google permission to storage and viola. Still workingon retrieving the already downloaded pictures….

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Wafflefox wafflefox Rep: 1. Have you seen any folders named "Google" or related..? Edit:Try looking in the app drawer for a Search option if you dont see a folder.

Use Find My Mobile to find a lost Samsung Galaxy device

Score 0. Where us the 'App Drawer'?? John Messina jmess Rep: 1. Jena Richer Rep: 1. I don't want to post nothing.

Can you trace a missing person using their phone's IMEI number… even when it’s off? | Africa Check

I don't know if what I downloaded went to android or Samsung. Randy Pegram Rep: 1. When I went to download I just pushed download. Chathuranga Liyanagama Rep: 1. Anandarao Vadada Rep: 1. Posted: January 13 Options Permalink History. I couldn't download apps. Network connectivity problems. You are low on storage of which your device should promptly notify you. Google Play Services functionality is impaired. Kat Zander Rep: 1.

Posted: February 29 Options Permalink History. Robyn Carpenter Rep: 1. Posted: March 14 Options Permalink History. I cannot find my apps for games I have downloaded they do not appear on my screen. Taimur Khan Rep: 1. Posted: 5 days ago March 18, Options Permalink History. I can not find my download.

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Julian Dickinson Rep: 1. Posted: 4 days ago March 18, Options Permalink History.

Transfer Content with Samsung Smart Switch™ Mobile App (from Android™)

I'm not looking for apps it's photos that have been downloaded??? It's all the photos of Blessing Rosely. Frank Plumley Rep: 1. Posted: 19 hours ago March 21, Options Permalink History. How do you open file you own loaded and save it. On a s10 android phone. Add your answer Judith Chironky Segal will be eternally grateful. View Statistics:.