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Enter the IMEI number below. The IMEI. In order to meet your expectations, we are adding new device information and specification every day. Such data as IMEI and Serial Number are codes created to identify a device that uses mobile networks but in addition to fulfilling this basic function, IMEI Number gives us the opportunity to get access to a lot of interesting information.

By using this unique IMEI Number you may get to know such data as: the network and country from which your device originally comes from, warranty information date of purchase, carrier information , system version, device specification and more details information. You should use IMEI checker before buying used or new device. As a result, you will see if the device is valid and original. We also encourage you to use the IMEI Information just to know your phone better and read important information about the device.

Activate location through the Mi Cloud on your Mi smartphone

Let's check IMEI and make sure that your phone is unlocked. The first 14 digits are defined by GSM Association organization. The last digit is generated by an algorithm named Luhn formula and it has a control character. This number is an individual number assigned to each and every phone all over the world. The number is useful when you would like to send the device for service to fill out warranty forms. Besides that, if you want to report a stolen or a lost phone at the police or network operator you should use the IMEI Number as well.

After that, you can block your phone and it will make the device unusable, regardless of whether the SIM card is changed or removed. Xiaomi has managed to retain cross-compatibility for the straps across the two generations of bands. Both the Mi Band 3 and the Mi Band 4 come with a black color strap, and other color options need to be purchased separately. Since the bands are compatible, you can use the bands that you purchased for the Mi Band 3 on the Mi Band 4 with no issues, as I did. The tracker now has pogo pins exposed on the bottom as opposed to the pogo pins being stealthily hidden away on the side in the previous-gen product.

Despite the change, you still have to pop out the tracker from the strap to charge it. Even within just 3 charges, I have already begun facing issues with getting my tracker to tightly sit within the charger cup — the pogo pins just bounce it out all the time, and the small latches on the inner sides of the charger are ineffective to hold the tracker in place due to the build material and design of the charger.

I have had to hold my tracker in place by placing a heavy object on top, so I count the charger as a negative. Hopefully, Xiaomi explores better charger designs for the next generation. Magnets, maybe? Both of these hardware features are absent from the Band that is sold outside of China.

But for users in Europe where NFC sees higher usage for payment solutions, the lack of this hardware module can be a problem. You cannot use it with other assistants or for other functions. Overall, I really like the design on the Mi Band 4.

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It has a very understated and discreet look to it, one that does not have any intention of drawing attention to itself. This may not work in the favor of the Band when the occasion demands a flashy accessory on your wrist, but my personal preference is for function over form, and the Mi Band 4 aces this aspect. The Mi Band 4 lets users use customizable watch faces band faces?

There are a few options available within Mi Fit, but you can also easily sideload watch faces from third-party websites such as amazfitwatchfaces.

A little backstory

Depending on the watch face, the band homescreen can display the time, day, date, steps taken, distance walked, calories burned, and band battery status. You can swipe left from the homescreen to quickly jump into the music control screen. With this screen, you can control music which is currently playing on your connected smartphone. You can resume, pause, go to the next track or previous track and control volume. Music Control is one of my favorite features on the new Mi Band 4: my new Sony WFXM3 noise-canceling earbuds do not come with volume controls, so having the ability to control volume came in handy on my wrist.

Tracking Your Stolen Smartphone Could Be Tougher Than Ever!

Another handy addition is the ability to lock the Mi Band 4 with a 4-character PIN 1 to 4 only when it is not being worn. This fixes one of the minor issues I had with the previous Mi Band 3, as now others cannot read your notifications in uncleared history if you leave the band unattended. When the Band 4 is locked, only the homescreen is visible. This appears to be an odd omission, as there are far more features that can be initiated or accessed right from the band itself without needing the Mi Fit app. Some means of organization would have been appreciated here, and I hope a future update to the Band firmware brings back this ability.

The Mi Fit app should be familiar to anyone who has used a Mi Band in the past, as it serves as the primary means of communication with your Band. From here, you can control and customize various aspects of your band, including loading up the different watch faces and setting up which apps can notify you on the Band, and idle alerts.

How to use GPS to locate things and track people

The app is also needed to update the firmware on the Band from time to time, so it does form an essential part of the Mi Band 4 experience. If you would prefer not using the Mi Fit app, you currently do not have a lot of options.

Mobile track kaise Kare? -- Xiaomi device special -- Hidden security features of Android devices

The primary recommendation of Gadegtbridge , the open-source app that lets you connect to various trackers without needing to transmit any data to the vendor, has not yet been updated with Mi Band 4 support. The Mi Band 4 focuses on fitness and activity tracking as one of its highlight selling points, and for the most part, the Mi Band 4 does not disappoint, especially when you keep in mind its price.

Bonus: Search Android device on Google Maps

The Mi Band 4 comes equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope, allowing users to count their steps, track distance walked and calories burned. This count came through the hand movements I probably made during my sleep. The inaccuracy is within bearable limits though, and the Mi Band 4 should provide you with reliable data on your steps for the most part.

You can also view your step count history to get a better idea of how your performance has changed over time. The Mi Fit app attempts to categorize activities automatically, which is great if you are a casual user who wants to spend more time doing the activity rather than pouring through data. These data categorizations can sometimes be off, so if you prefer your data to be accurate, I would suggest periodically monitoring the same. Inaccuracies with categorization are an inherent limitation to smart trackers, so I do not judge the Mi Band 4 too harshly on this aspect.

Much like how the step tracking is handled automatically, sleep tracking is also handled automatically. The thicker Mi Band 4 may not be as comfortable as the thinner Mi Band 3, so you would need some getting used to the increased bulge on your wrist while sleeping, especially if you come from the earlier Mi Band.

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  • The performance in this section is admirable, as the Mi Band 4 has been accurately able to detect when I fall asleep and when I get up, with variances lower than 2 minutes. I find this impressive because I usually spend a lot of time in bed peeking at my phone before falling asleep and after getting up, often using my phone with the kickstand to watch movies or catch up on YouTube.

    So wrist movement during these periods slows down without me falling asleep — and the Mi Band 4 handled it all like a champ. Heart rate measurements on the Mi Band 4 have been a stark improvement. I have had very poor experiences with heart rate measurements on previous Bands from Xiaomi, as they failed to pick up any readings whatsoever because of my darker skin tone.

    This is an issue with how light-based heart rate sensors work, as they often are unable to pick up blood flow readings through darker skin. I have experimented with having friends with lighter skin tones use the same bands Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3 in this context , and the bands promptly returned readings. On my wrists, the same bands failed to pick up data even after multiple attempts right after they had reported success.

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    • With this Band though, the experience has been entirely different. For the first time in my Band experience, I could manage to get complete readings without having the Band derp along the way. I do not have any means to verify whether these readings are accurate, but the fact that I managed to get some is a success in my books.

      While the band does not have a dedicated GPS within itself, the Band 4 can leverage the GPS of your phone to track the routes you take for activities like Running and Cycling.