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Netflix and YouTube are reducing streaming quality for 30 days. Kirsten Holst 2. Will Motorola make a comeback with this absolute beauty?

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Julia Froolyks 8. Aston Martin is making its classic cars electric Mobility Dec 7, 1. Google Play Store no longer supports Android 4. VR combined with brain scans: the future of work and shopping?


HTC Vive Dec 7, 2. The updated version of the Tesla app offers great new features Mobility Dec 7, 1. Oculus, the new king of virtual reality? OnePlus 6T Dec 6, 1.

Oppo has included a lot of good bits on this phone — it’s almost flagship class.

Vodafone and Sky partner in Europe for the first live broadcast via 5G Nokia 3. We added a separated winding to the new Toroidal transformer sowe can get 5V and 3. The BDP chassis is taller so it has more volume for air space and isslower to heat up. The ventilation grilles on the top, bottom and back ofthe player complete the passive cooling design by allowing cool air tocome in and warm air to escape. The design fully considers all factors that may affectplayback -- disc spinning speed, vibration isolation, dust prevention,internal air flow, weigh and balance etc.

The new remote is nicely back-lit, however the back light only turns on forsome seconds after you press the Light button on the lower right. Thisextends battery life and is good for people who don't want to be distractedby the remote lighting up while using it during viewing.

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The remote ispretty easy to learn by feel, so operating it without back light assistancegets picked up pretty quickly. Nevertheless, if you would rather the new remote worked like the priorremote -- where it lights up after any button press -- just press and holdthe Light button for about 5 seconds to toggle between the two styles ofoperation. The back lighting will flash a few times to tell you when you'veheld that button long enough. OPPO says:There have however been some incremental improvements in circuit designthat should improve on the audio some: a novel configuration of the DACchip and a new analog buffer and filter stage following the DAC output.

Why not The hardware is capable of doing OPPO believes that OPPO feels that even to offer SACD players do not convert at a higher rate -- as measured at the Analogoutput. Other resources? Send me your Comments. HDMIThe inputs support stereo and 5. Dolby Digital Plus up to 7. Note that as with all HDMI, audio can only be carried embedded in avideo signal which can be a black image. To use high bit rate LPCM,that signal must be p or higher. This is a feature of the BDP only.

The BDP does not have it. It can take 16 and bit stereo audio withsample rates of When connected to a computer, the BDP becomes a 'sound card' or audiooutput device for the computer. Users can use their familiar audiolibrary and playback software to stream music to their home theater orsound system. The asynchronous clock mode ensures that the highly accurate and stableclock inside the BDP drives audio data to the digital-to-analogconverter so the time domain accuracy is not affected by the jitterperformance of the computer's master clock or bus clock.

The ESS Sabre32Reference DAC and the excellent analog audio section are utilized toconvert the digital audio data to analog audio signal with the highestaccuracy and lowest distortion. OPPO is certainly aware of the interest in adding that, but no promisesat this point. What to do? Result: The Subwoofer output will remain silent -- no Crossover processingis happening, even though the Front speakers are set to Small. Example 2:You play the 5. Result: The Center channel content is discarded. If you have other codecs thatare not working, please send me your comments.

Small example fileswould be especially appreciated. This section is obsolete. So: this no longer works. This was done at the direction of the licensing authorities and there isnothing OPPO or anyone else can do about it. This does not circumvent Cinavia.

This for both real folders and mounted ISOfiles, but not for local storage. Select the virtual drive you have installed, right click, selectProperties and go to the Sharing pane.

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Mount the ISO files with Pismo. The movies will now play fine via SMB shares again. Setting up a scriptto automate mounting all the ISO files will be a little more complicatedas it will now need to recurse folders, but it shouldn't be too bad tocreate. Again, the advantage of this over using other mount tools is it shouldbe possible to setup mounts for a large collection of movies and allowyou to browse your entire collection while the other solutions formounting ISO files are limited to the number of drive letters that areavailable on the PC.

The original report:I installed the program on one of my Windows 7 x64 Ultimate PC's,copied a Blu-ray ISO file into a 'Bluray' folder and then used Pismoto mount it using the following options:Mount visibility: Entire systemMap Drive: NoneEveryone access: ReadFormatter: autoForce read-only mount, uncheckedUse verbose mount status dialog, uncheckedOpen after mount, obviously doesn't matterThe Blu-ray folder it is in is shared just like all my othershares. Now I have only played around with this VERY briefly and I don't knowwhat the limits are in regards to how many ISO files can be mounted atonce with Pismo, but it appears possible to put a bunch of ISO filesinto a folder, mount all of them, share the folder, and then haveaccess to a whole bunch of Blu-ray movies in the same manner.

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I just discovered that the Pismo mounts don't survive reboots and Idon't see an option to make the mounts permanent, so that's definitelya negative. But they do have a command line tool that could be used ina script to mount ISOs after the PC boots up. When done:umount mymovieYou have to be root for both commands. Please send me your comments. If you look at the 'Mounts' column in the Comparison of disc imagesoftware table you will find other candidate utilities, but they stillhave to be tested.

What doesn't work? GPT is required for drives larger than 2TB. This allows you to have aliases of a file in many other folders. SeeNTFS symbolic link for more. Send me your comments. Why are MKV files showing the wrong playing time and not navigatingcorrectly?

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OPPO says:This is due to the new mkvmerge standards for Chapters which are notsupported by the player. You will need to remux the file using an older version of mkvmergewhich is 5. Our engineers are aware of the issue andhave sample files which exhibit these errors, but we do not know when wemay be able to resolve these errors through a future firmware release. Note that this issue also exists in the new 6. A user also reports:I confirmed that this is accurate using the latest revision ofmkvmerge, 5.