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These apps will be available even during downtime. This section is the most useful for a parent trying to restrict their child from accessing certain content. Also, crucially, you can now prevent yourself or others from making in-app purchases. Allowed Apps lets you block certain apps from being seen or used. Unlike App Limits, Allowed Apps will hide the app completely.

Third-party apps are not supported. Content Restrictions lets you choose whether to hide explicit content in the App Store and iTunes Store.

It also lets you limit websites to exclude adult content sites, or even limit access to a specific whitelist. Furthermore, you can prevent users from searching the web or playing multiplayer games.

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Finally, the Privacy section, which was under Settings before, has moved to Screen Time. This section lets you customize which apps have access to certain information about you, such as your location, your contact information, and your photos. You can block every app from accessing this information, or whitelist certain ones you trust. This is similar to the Restrictions password in previous versions of iOS. You can share your Screen Time password across all your iCloud devices. So if, for example, you have a family of devices, you can have the same passcode on all of them and restrict app usage across your Apple environment.

This lets you control other iPhones right from your phone, which is a huge improvement over Restrictions. Finally, we recommend using Screen Time along with a heavy-duty case, a plug protector, and more to make your iPhone truly kid-safe.

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Here are important tips for protecting your device. Using these tools, you can block inappropriate content and help them maintain a healthy relationship with technology. Teach them numbers, letters, and more with some of the best educational apps for iPhone 10 Exciting iPhone Education Apps for Kids With these awesome iPhone education apps for kids, your children can have a lot of fun and learn at the same time. Read More so you can be prepared when you child asks for a new game. Your email address will not be published.

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I much preferred the old Restrictions. I find Screen Time annoying and not at all useful; I prefer to manage my own screen time by old-fashioned adult life skills, and my young children's by old-fashioned parenting. It also seems that turning off Screen Time causes all the restrictions to be reset to default. Thank you so much.

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Enter your Email. The text messages we send often reveal an uncomfortable amount of personal information about us. Yet, the iPhone, at least in its default configuration, does very little to keep our conversations private.

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  • If you want to hide sensitive text messages on your iPhone, you must venture in the Settings menu and, depending on how much privacy you desire, even download a privacy-oriented text app from App Store. So how can you hide texts on the iPhone? Not everyone with a reason to hide text messages is a criminal mastermind or a cheating partner. You want to throw a huge party for the person, and, naturally, you want the party to be a surprise. Something as simple as leaving your smartphone laying display-up on the kitchen table could turn into a small disaster.

    You probably know how it feels to know that all your private pictures, personal conversations, and potentially embarrassing apps are just a few taps and swipes away from being discovered. If it makes you feel better to keep personal information hidden, continue reading this article to find out how you can hide text messages on your iPhone.

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    At least on recent versions of iOS at least iOS 11 and up , text message privacy has gotten a lot better. Now, you are shown a text message preview, but it cannot actually be seen until you unlock the phone, whether through Face ID or Touch ID. That said, there are still some things you can do to keep text messages hidden in other ways. Despite how obviously convenient this feature is, it represents a huge privacy risk. If you ever decide that you want to enable it again, all you need to do is turn on the Show Preview option.

    Disabling the text message preview is a great first step, but you can protect your privacy even more by disabling the text message notification altogether:.