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Likewise, focusing tends to get tougher when taking the picture. The overall performance and shutter speeds could use some optimization. There were a couple of instances where the camera really stumbled in attempts to take a photo. One of the other sensors is a dedicated 5-megapixel depth lens. This allows for the Nokia 7. While still not in the class of the Pixels , they are perfectly acceptable for the quick social media share. The last camera sensor is a wide-angle megapixel that allows for wide view shots via the camera app.

The Nokia 7. Its colors are balanced and the screen is easily seen in most instances, but I did find times where I wished the auto-brightness would have been stronger. Thankfully, we always have manual adjustments. The Android One experience paired with the Snapdragon makes for a very fluid and frugal operating system.

The Android One build is crisp and snappy with no real issues in daily usage. Nokia has smartly decided to stay out of the way and not complicate the software experience. Calls and texts worked as they expected with both sides of the call getting ample sound with no crackling. The speaker phone is also pretty decent. However, I found the phone has consistently worked well on the Verizon network. Do note that I am not endorsing this as a Verizon phone and definitely do not recommend buying it specifically as such. My main takeaway is that Nokia is following a familiar path.

With its 4. The same is true here with the Nokia 7. Pair that with a better outlook for OS updates and Nokia has a winning combination in the Nokia 7. Learn more about the Nokia 7. Home Reviews Phone Reviews. Phone Reviews. Android One phones will receive at least two years of OS upgrades.

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With the latest version of Android, you'll get software that auto-adjusts to your needs, and helps you get things done more easily throughout the day. To keep your battery going, Android One phones will prioritise background activity for your most important apps. Android One phones have the Google Assistant built in.

Try asking for directions, setting a reminder, or playing music. With Google Lens on Android One phones, you can get answers, look up information, or copy and paste text—all right from your photos.

Nokia's first 5G phone to be revealed this month

With high-quality hardware, Android's intuitive software and only the most essential apps loaded, Android One phones delivers a seamless phone experience. With software designed by Google, Android One phones are easy to navigate and a cinch to customize right out of the box.

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  8. Security protections are built into every layer of your phone experience, so your device stays safe, fast, and performs at its best. Track down a lost or stolen device, set a passcode, or wipe it clean by signing into your Google account from another device.

    Android One: Secure, up to date and easy to use.

    With Safe Browsing protection in Chrome, you can browse with confidence. If you visit a site that's acting out of line, you'll be warned and taken back to safety.

    Explore these carousel items. Use the previous and next buttons, as well as the keyboard arrows, to change the displayed item. Introducing the new Nokia 7. Nokia 7. Nokia 6. Motorola One Action With the ultra-wide action cam and triple camera system, capture more of what matters.

    Nokia 7.2 launches in the U.S. today with Android One and triple rear camera setup

    Nokia 9 PureView Explore every detail with its five perfectly synchronised cameras. Nokia 3. Nokia 4. Nokia 8. Nokia 5.

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