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Wireless earbuds and headphones are way more convenient and if you need a dongle, it's only a few bucks. In , the loss of the headphone jack isn't a big deal to me. It's not faster or more responsive, so if you feel the S10's fingerprint reader is slow, especially compared to the optical in-display sensor in the OnePlus 7 Pro, you're gonna be disappointed. Simple enough. But truthfully, the difference in image quality is so negligible it's mostly irrelevant. Not the sharpest that's still the Pixel 3 , not the most color accurate iPhone XS , and not with the most impressive optical zoom Huawei P30 Pro.

Camera and Audio

But good, well-exposed photos respectable enough to share on your Insta or Twitter without editing. The degree ultra-wide angle camera is the most fun to shoot with and opens up a ton of opportunities for creative shots. Many flagship phones now have three cameras, but they're not all created equal.

The OnePlus 7 Pro's ultra-wide in particular has issues with chromatic aberration the color fringing around the edges of things , most noticeable in the tree branches. For whatever reason, on the Galaxy S10 phones, Samsung changed it so that Live Focus photos used the wide-angle lens. You definitely get more background blur and separation with the telephoto lens. There are some clear differences in color saturation and exposure in each of the shots below. For this set, I'd probably want to eat the sushi and sashimi from the Huawei P30 image.

Even though it's the most saturated, that's kind of what you want from a food photo. The rest are bland, with the Pixel 3's the least tasty looking. Skin tones skew a little greener, but I like how the camera and software makes me look just a bit more peppy. The iPhone XS takes the most realistic selfie pores and all and the others aren't too shabby.

The only one that looks terrible in my opinion is the Pixel 3 XL. It's so dark and gloomy.

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All of them are straight out of the cameras and haven't been edited at all. Feel free to click on them to enlarge them to their original size. If you're wondering how the Note 10 cameras compare to other phones in conditions not covered here, I'm open to DMs on Twitter raywongy and Instagram sourlemons. I've had a lot of great discussions on smartphone photography and I'd love to continue to do so. While the regular cameras may not be dramatically different than the shooters on the Galaxy S10 phones, Samsung has dialed things up for video recording.

My favorite new video recording feature is Live Focus Video. It's basically portrait mode for videos with backgrounds replaced with effects such as blur, big circle, color point, and glitch. The video above shows the "big circle" Live Focus Video effect in action and the video below demonstrates the "glitch" effect. As you can see in the video above and below, the results are OK. In the right conditions, especially without people or things moving in the background, Live Focus Video effects can look sort of cool, even if the separation between you and the background isn't perfect. Personally, I think think the glitch filter looks the best, mainly because the lo-fi aesthetic and graininess cover up a lot of the visible imperfections around the edges.

Another new improvement for video recording is Super Steady. When the setting is turned on, the camera stabilizes your video so it's less shaky — it works to a certain degree, but don't expect miracles.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the ultimate big-screen phone for those who want a stylus

You'll still see some bumpiness or jiggling happening. There's also a Zoom-in Mic feature that sounds like it could be useful for spying on people — you zoom in on a single person on a crowded street and it picks up their voice while the background noise fades away — but I found it unreliable. Another gimmick.


The best video feature on the Note 10 isn't even in the camera app. It's the built-in video editor. With it, you can cut together a short video in seconds. As I said in my preview of the Note 10, the video editor isn't quite as feature-packed as iMovie on iOS, but it's a far better option than many third-party Android video editors that come with ads or tack on a watermark unless you pay to unlock the full version.

As someone who edits a lot of video on his iPhone, I'm really glad to see a native video editor on the Note It feels like a big finally. Lastly, there's AR Doodle. It's a fun little feature — Samsung always has at least one quirky one with new phones — that lets you draw on faces. Drawings are pinned to your face and move when you do. Is it silly? Will you use it every day?

Probably not. But sure, why not.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite review: Making the S Pen experience affordable

Samsung says the feature will launch closer to the release date, so I'll have to update this review when I try it out. Another feature called Quick Measure uses the DepthVision camera to measure objects using augmented reality — it works like iOS's own measure app — but measurements aren't precise enough that I'd recommend using it over a tape measure. It's lightweight, fluid, and has plenty of settings you can adjust to personalize Android to your liking, including a sweet dark mode, a notification shade that you access with a down swipe on the home screen no need to struggle to reach the status bar , and a built-in screen recorder finally!

Needless to say, the phone loaded all of them quickly and frame rates were often butter-smooth instead of choppy like on many mid-range phones. The phones also include two "booster" features. The first is called Boot up Booster. The second booster feature is called Game Booster and uses AI to boost the NPU neural processing unit to improve gaming performance by regulating things like temperature and RAM and blocking calls and notifications for uninterrupted gameplay. There's the usual Note stuff like Apps Edge, which lets you launch apps and shortcuts directly from a swipe on the left or right side of the screen, and Screen-off Memo, which lets you write notes on the screen no unlock necessary as soon as you pull the S Pen out.

But it also has a bunch of new stuff that may or may not be useful depending on your workflow. Personally, I found most of the new S Pen features to be gimmicks. While I think using the S Pen as a camera shutter remote and slideshow clicker is still practical in the right situations, the new S Pen's motion-based Air Actions feature gets a big thumbs down from me.

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At launch, you can use the S Pen's motion controls to wirelessly control the camera. CWork may make adjustments to the Initial Quote based upon evaluation of quality and condition of the device on receipt. You can trade-in one device per active line per month at the time you upgrade or activate a new line of service. If you fail to do so, the device will not be eligible for trade-in. Trade in your cell phone. Trading in your phone is a win-win.

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